Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've decided to try and set a goal each month, write it on a sticky note, post it on here, and in my room. My goal in September is to lose 8 pounds. It would put me at a certain milestone that I'm ready to hit, which would also be 27 pounds lost since I started this blog.

My boss' wife is a personal trainer, and she is having me come in today to accurately test my body fat and get measured. I'm nervous, because I know it's not good. However, if I go once a month, I'll be able to see more progress than just the scale, so that will be motivating.

I also talked to another personal trainer friend, who said I'm eating and doing everything right, I just need to be patient. She also gave me a circuit of weights/stairs to do at the gym in addition to my classes that should help push along my progress.

September, here I come!

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