Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One year

It's been exactly one year since I renewed my resolve to be healthy.

I remember because I started on my niece's first birthday. The day she was born, I was close to the thinnest I've ever been, although this picture doesn't do it justice. I had worked hard to be where I was. I was 50 pounds lighter than I had been in high school, and I shed  A LOT of sweat and tears to get there.

One year, one divorce, and 67 added pounds later, I was tired. Tired of who I was, tired of using my divorce as a crutch to eat as much cake as I wanted. I was tired of looking in the mirror and hating what I saw, hating myself for getting to this point. I took very few pictures of myself, and hate the few that I have.

I've always believed that you need to be emotionally ready to lose the weight, and when you are, something will click in your brain, and the motivation will come. I believe this, because I had witnessed it the first time I shed the weight. Thankfully, one year ago, something clicked in my head, and I knew I was ready to make changes and find myself again.

Although it may seem insignificant to outsiders, this year to me has been life changing. I've only lost 23 pounds, I've dreaded going to the gym some days, and completely avoided it occasionally, but I always come back to this new person that I am. I don't recognize the girl from last year, and I will NEVER see her again.

I am proud of the gallon jug of water I've carried every day for the past year.
I am proud of the endurance I've built, and the 10 girl push-ups I can do as opposed to last years zero.
I am proud of the healthy choices that I make daily.
I am proud of my body, and one year ago, that's something I never thought I would say again.

I know that even though it's taken me a year to lose only 23 pounds, those 23 pounds will stay off for life, along with the weight that I am continuing to lose. 

Here's to being even happier and healthier, one year from now.

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