Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year!

I got on the scale on Saturday after two weeks of eating carelessly. I had cake, Christmas candy and cookies, Mexican food, Italian food, hot chocolate, etc...
Two weeks of having family and friends in town, celebrating birthdays AND Christmas, and being off of work was really hard. Granted, I didn't eat as much of the junk as I would have months ago, but I ate it.
I felt disgusting and I just KNEW that I'd gained 10 pounds. But I only gained .8, leaving me with a total of 15 pounds lost still.

The beginning of this year has felt very refreshing. I know it's cliche to say that I can feel 2012 will be a good year-everybody's saying it.

But I really don't think that this year could be worse than last year, so there's nowhere to go but up!

The start of the year also gave me a fresh resolve to keep going on this journey.
I WILL reach my goal weight this year. And I WILL continue to learn to love myself. 

I have an appointment with a personal trainer this upcoming week to go over my current measurements, my goals, and put together a game plan of how I'm going to get there. Because I will get there.

I really started to notice the 15 pound difference over this past weekend. I've seen the number drop on the scale, but haven't really felt any different. As I got ready for New Years Eve though, I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I noticed that my stomach was flatter and that the new sweater I bought showcased my waist. I noticed that I looked happier and felt good in my skin. 

And this is just the start of something amazing. 

{I plan to.}

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