Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Loss this week: 3.8 pounds
Total weight loss: 14.2

I have no idea how this happened. Really. I was sick/busy all last week and only made it to the gym once. I had a work Christmas party and ate Mexican food and a burger Friday night. Then weighed myself Saturday, and it was a pre-Christmas miracle.

My theory is that after eating so healthy, my body was shocked by the caloric overload and worked really hard to get rid of it. Just a thought, I could be totally wrong. My Apex pills may have played a part too.

This week has been and will continue to be equally hard.
There are multiple Christmas parties I'm attending, lots of hair clients to do, dress rehearsal for my Christmas choir concert, the actual concert, birthday parties, church activities, Bunko, and more. Not only is it exhausting, but it leaves little time to go to the gym.(And let's not even talk about the abundance of Christmas goodies that follows me everywhere I go.)

This little voice in the back of my head keeps saying, "Somebody busier than you is running right now." (Thanks for that, Pinterest.) So, I know I shouldn't complain, and should just go late at night if that's what it comes to.

I know that what I'm about to say is horrible, so don't judge me. But I've come to the conclusion that the holidays are going to be hard, and that's OK. I know I'll slip up and probably not lose as much in the next two weeks as I have been the past two months, but I'll still try my best, and that's all that matters.

Only 6 pounds to go until my first goal of 20 pounds!

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